The Success of an Intercity School: Lessons Learned

Although, it is much too early to tell if the success with this group of students can be replicated on a larger scale at Locke, Green Dot deserves credit for developing an educational model which is individualized and student-centered. Still, there are much greater lessons which can be learned from this story.

–  Smaller is more productive. Students in the Advance Path Academy were more motivated and attached to the learning process. Unlike so many intercity classrooms where anonymity and indifference permeates the learning atmosphere, student in the Advance Path Academy felt a sense of attachment and belonging, something consistent with their adolescent developmental stage.

–  Parents are a part of and involved in the school. Learning has to be supported in school and at home. It is clear that the parent’s involvement help to reinforce the learning process of students.

–  Teachers at the Advance Path Academy have a mentoring relationship with their students. Teachers at the Academy care about their students and expect them to excel. This critical to building resiliency in youth.

–  Students have a future orientation. Unlike so many other unmotivated students in school, both in the suburbs and intercity, private and public, students in the Advance Path Academy could imagine a brighter future which was linked to their effort in school.


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