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The Gates Arrest and President Obama


President Obama had it right the first time: The Cambridge police “acted stupidly. The starting point for discussing and evaluating the arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr, is what not just what transpired which led to the arrest, but what kind of police force do we want and what kind behavior should we expect from law enforcement officers. Gate was arrest for being in his own home. This is not a law violation. Hence, arresting a person in for breaking in their own home fits the definition of stupidity. The unwillingness of Obama to stick to his observation (he had enough facts) and the American at large to see this through a non racial lens, predicated on reason and common sense ensures that police misconduct will continue. The only instructive moment here is how the law became subordinate to immoral police behavior.

America must come to expect more of its law enforcement officers who make life and death choices. We should demand and want more from police officers. Squandering resources by arresting a man in his own house is stupid and does not deserve the support or understanding of the public or President Obama.