Which Way America

In case you might not have noticed, America seems to be careening out of control.  Witness the right wing and Republican led health care town hall gathering where there was mob rule.  The latest town hall mob meeting ended with a protestor having his finger bitten off.  Before this, there was the lunatic story about President Obama not being a natural born citizen.  Further, some on the Right, aided and encouraged by the Republicans are attempting to associate Obama and his policies with Hitler.  As though this was not preposterous enough the Republican Party for has launched a disinformation campaign where they are calling Obama a socialist.  Never mind that they never define what a socialist is or what capitalist policies, in their make believe world, and of Obama are socialist.  The latest act of insanity of the Republicans Party officials and their right wing mouth pieces is that of trying to stop children from hearing the President urge them to stay in school, because they say that it is socialist propaganda.

All of this is ominous for American politics and the health of the nation.  The dispensing of lies and the attempt to scapegoat Obama and by extension black people and people of color is type of scapegoating which defined Nazi Germany and runs deep in American history.  Hence what is reprehensible by the Republicans is that they are cultivating hate and profound disrespect for decency and diversity.  Perhaps we would do well to call upon Martin King for counsel: “When evil men plot, good men must plan… When evil men shout ugly words of hatred, good men must commit themselves to the glories love.”  Which way America?


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