Carter and Courage: Doing the Right Thing

Former President Carter’s comment on the racism, displayed toward President Obama, under the disguise of protest was courageous and morally responsible.  Despite Obama’s denial of race as a motivator behind the protesters criticisms, Carter’s statement is supported by pattern of racist remarks, signs and actions by the protestors at the behest and support of the Republican Party.  Carter’s comments and observations are important for the following reasons:

1.    Carter is a white southerner who grew-up in the segregated South.  Thus, we can not be dismissed as a “liberal” who is out of touch.  He has legitimacy.
2.    Carter is a former president and thus commands and audience.  He can not be dismissed as a radical or “community activist.”
3.    Carter is taking and “anti-racist” position, which is important moral and political ground for other whites.
4.    Carter is making the criticism which the “corporate” media should be engaged in.
5.    Carter’s comments unmask the intent and motivation of those protesting under the pretext of “Big Government.” Where were these protestors during the “Big Government and wasteful spending of George W Bush years?

We should show support for Carter- write, email or call.  A fellow southerner and Georgian, Martin Luther King, said of persons like Carter:  “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy.”  Carter has shown the measure of his morality and courage.  We are a better nation and people because of his courage.


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