Judging Obama

Unquestionably, the Presidency of Barack Obama will judge on the effectiveness of his policies and the success of his domestic and foreign agenda.  Yet, the framework which he develops and implements his policies and domestic and foreign agenda is as important as the policies themselves.  In fact, the framework-a value driven one, based on a different set of priorities and commitments, will in large measure determine Obama’s success in bring “real” change to America.

Thus, as important as health care reform, closing Guantanamo detention facility, regulations for banks and business, increasing employment is at this moment in America, advancing a new framework with the infrastructure to support that framework is of much greater importance and significance and if achieved will be an enduring legacy of Barack Obama.  However, to be far-reaching and drive fundamental change, this framework must be based on a values system which: 1) places people over corporate profits, 2) emphasizes collective responsibility, especially for those who have been marginalized and made to feel responsible for their misery, 3) supports an economic system which attends to the general welfare of all the people, not just the privileged, 4) empowers everyday working people to determine their own destiny, and 5) gives purpose and meaning to their lives.

This is task which we must help Obama achieve.  For, it is abundantly clear that with the advisors around him and his incremental approach to change, based not solely on his own conservative inclination, he will continue to try to improve the current system which is destructive and at odds with what Americans and the people of the world need in order to live and to reach their highest potential as humans. However, to make this happen, “We the people” must take the first and last steps in establishing this new, value-driven policy and political framework.


One Response to “Judging Obama”

  1. tafaraji Says:

    emphasizes collective responsibility, especially for those who have been marginalized and made to feel responsible for their misery,

    There is so much language that discourages processing that truth of yours, written above. There is also an abundance of denial and guilt among us, so much that we’ve all become cynically quizzical.

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