State of America

As we approach the last quarter of 2009, what has become preeminently clear is that we are rapidly approaching a divided and angry America.  What President Obama and the Democrats seem not to understand is that their unwillingness to advance polices which make ordinary American a priority-mortgage bail out, affordable health care, employment created through public works- has created a void where the most racist and crazed right wing spokespersons have stepped into and are speaking to the worst selves of Americans.  To be sure, these spokespersons, Beck, Limbaugh, Palin and others are speaking to the anger that many Americans are feeling as a result of their loss of work and employment and dignity. Too many American may very well come to believe, help from the right wing, that Obama and the elites, i.e., Democrats, are looking out for Wall Street’s interest rather than “everyday American people’s interest.  When viewed against Franklin Roosevelt’s approach to the financial crisis in the 1930s, there may be a kernel of truth to this accusation which will be exploited by the rights wing.

The irony and consequence of the Obama and the Democrats betrayal of ordinary Americans will be the acceleration of an authoritarian culture and movement in American dressed-up as populist movement. Undoubtedly, like all authoritarian movement, there will be scapegoats and victims.  This is not an alarmist perspective, but reading of American History. History, American in particular, is replete with instances where ordinary Americans have been turned against each other.  We must now force Obama and the Democrats to live up to the promise of a better America for ordinary American.


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