The Imperative of Change

As Barack Obama said in his campaign for president, “the change we seek is in ourselves.” If we are serious about change and evolving a new way of going about governing in this country- by the people and of the people- we will have commit ourselves to the following:

    Stop accepting the lesser of evils.  Evil is evil, whether it’s less destructive or destructive.
    Stop ceding power, authority, and decision-making to politicians who are elected by our votes, but who carry out the interest of the business elite.  The majority of Americans are for campaign reform and a public option in the health care reform legislation.  Yet, we are told we can not get either of these because the votes are not there.  Something then is dysfunctional and wrong with our system.
    Think and work out issues for yourself, rather than relying on the news or pundits. We are often told that issues are just too complex.  Complexity leads to mystification. All issues have a moral dimension and a social value.  The question we must pose is: What does it do to people-hurt or harm.  What does it do for them- enhance or diminish. And, how do the people participate-procedurally (voting) or substantively (making decisions).
    Do not be diverted by lesser important divisive issues-same sex marriage, prayer in school, cultural, religion. These issues are to keep you away from engaging in the issues that matter: Power-economic and political.
    Do go for the small stuff; rather place the highest demands on governing officials-decent and well-paying employment, affordable and quality health care, affordable and quality housing, decent and quality education with an option to go to college “free” of charge or at a minimum fee.

We are always told what is not possible. As we approach the second decade of the twenty-first century, we must grow and elevate our visions, and standing on the shoulders of the women and men, known and unknown, who sacrificed that we might live and enjoy this moment, demand a better society and a better way of living.


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