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Martin Luther King’s Most Significant Speech: I Have A Dream


Martin Luther King’s I have A Dream Speech was undoubtedly his best known speech.  More than just a popular address, this speech would resonate in the hearts and minds of Americans for forever. This speech has attained iconic status.

The year 1963 was the centennial of the signing of the emancipation proclamation. It was a momentous year for the civil Rights movement. Yet, the country seemingly was going in reverse; conditions for African Americans were getting worse. In Alabama, the police under segregationist Bill “Bull” Connor, turned fire hoses and police dogs on children and demonstrators. Medgar Evers, thirty-seven year old NAACP Field Secretary, was murdered in Jackson, Mississippi.  Civil disturbance occurred throughout the summer. the nation was on the brink of racial civil war. A Philip Randolph called for and was the driving force behind the landmark March on Washington D.C., August 28, 1963.  By 1963, All in all, some 250,000 Americans, predominantly African Americans, traveling on 2,000 “freedom buses” and 30 “freedom trains-came from all corners of the country to participate, making the march the largest demonstration of its kind in the history of the United States.  This was the backdrop for the Martin Luther King’s historic I Have A Dream speech.

As former president of the National Council of Negro Women, Dorothy I. height, observes, King’s I Have A Dream speech was a “riveting sermon that struck the conscience of America, taking its place as one of the most famous speeches in human history.” The speech was a “cascading vision, rich with historical resonance and contemporary significance, whose cumulative effect remains astounding and moving a half century later. (more…)