Kwanzaa Wishes for 2010

2010 begins the second decade of the 21st century.  The first decade produced a historical accomplishment for African Americans and America- the election of the first African American President.  While this election of Barack Obama dwarfs any other achievement in the first decade and should never be minimized, a large percentage of African Americans still remain on the margins of society and are living in intolerable conditions. Despite Obama’s mantra of “Hope”, many blacks have lost hope and are coping with disaster.  Even the black middle-class, with the loss of jobs and home foreclosures- has decrease in size and is shrinking, unsure of its financial future. It is in this context that we make our Kwanzaa wishes for:


 Establishment of a national black agenda that pulls together the various black stakeholders and organizations with the goal of addressing the plight of blacks trapped and suffocating in “ghetto”.

 Establishment of a black movement which can unite with other progressives toward the aim of moving President Obama toward a progressive agenda which makes poor and the working class people a priority.


 Self-censorship of music, videos and movies which degrade, dehumanize, and caricature black women and men, and portray and project the worse stereotypical images of African Americans.

 Rebuilding of the black family-conscious of its role in producing children capable of assuming their rightful role in society and uplifting the “race.”

Collective Work & Responsibility/Ujima

 The building of networks of care and concern in the black community that reestablishes the spirit and practice of the precept, “I am because we are and because we are I am.”

 A commitment among blacks to reduce and eliminate black children and youth entering the foster care system by being surrogate parents, supporting vulnerable families and practicing the African proverb: It takes a village to raise a child.”
Cooperative Economic/Ujamaa

 Building and expanding cooperatives in the black community in solidarity with other progressive people.

 Establishment of a fund at the national and local level by African Americans that will be employed to develop national and local projects of importance to the development of blacks, i.e., academic scholarships, homeownership.


 Emergence of an achievement ethic among black parents and youth that will reestablish education, learning and studying as a priority, and that is a central feature of their identity.

 Establishment of a Black United Front, inclusive of all segments of the political spectrum, and is premised on the concept of unity in diversity, unity without uniformity.


 Emergence of a culture of continuous improvement among black people, especially black youth-one that demands continuous improvement as a pathway to success and genius.

 A national campaign among African Americans to improve the quality of life and living in the black community.


 Black people to believe in each other as men and women, husbands and wives, lovers, family and friends, and in their capacity to change their condition and circumstances.

 Black children and youth to believe in their capacity to learn and achieve in school and life.


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