Happy Kwanzaa: Kuumba Day

Creativity/Kuumba: Working diligently to continuously enhance our families, neighborhoods and people

Kuumba Message

The Kuumba principle is teaches that both children and adults should strive for continuous improvement. This principle is central and essential to the restoration of academic excellence for African American youth. Rediscovering an achievement ethic in education and professional endeavors must be a priority for 2012. Too many of our youth are complacent with just getting by, believing that the difficult subjects and challenging matters are for other people. Similarly, adults suffer the same diminished self-concept, and all the while expect youth to perform at an exceptional level. Exceptional performing youth require exceptional performing adults and parents. Thus, we should all strive to leave our relationships- formal and informal unions- families, neighborhoods, and people in an improved state.

Kuumba Day Checklist

ü Ingathering activity, around a meal or designated time

ü Read African/American proverbs, folktales, poems, or recite family story related to Kuumba (optional)

ü Highlight the Kwanzaa Symbol Zawadi/Gifts

ü Reflect on the Kuumba commitment for the current and coming year

ü Family Feast

ü Pour Libation (optional)

ü Candle lighting

ü Make Kuumba commitment

ü Take picture/record your commitments or Kwanzaa activities (optional)

ü Using the Swahili greeting to greet each other. Harbari Gani (What’s the News) Response: Kuumba

ü Plan and/or do a collective work and responsibility activity.

Candle Lighting Activity

Candle Lighting: On the second day of Kwanzaa the family lights the red candle. This candle is symbolic of the effort. The placement and order of the Kwanzaa candles teach and reinforce valuable lessons for the family. The red candle is symbolic of effort, discipline and work.

Kwanzaa Journal Entry

What was my 2011 Kwanzaa Commitment: Completed, Partially Completed, Still in Progress

What are my 2012 Kwanzaa commitments?

By what means or method will I employ to achieve my commitments?

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